Yeast Infection Discharge

A diploid fungus called Candida Albicans is the main cause of yeast infection. Yeast infection which also knows as thrush, more than half of the population is being effected by this. There are lots of reasons for getting yeast infection discharge, normally every human body has normal amount of yeast in mouth, genital and even on the skin, when this yeast considerably overgrows infection occurs and occurs it causes itching and burning in and around the female genitals. Yeast infection discharge is common among people and its very annoying.

yeast infection discharge

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Yeast Infection Discharge – Causes

  • Poor hygiene and personal care are one of the causes of yeast infections.
  • Hormonal changes are also one of the causes for yeast infections
  • Antibiotics and birth control pills can also cause this.
  • Urinary infections can cause this
  • Wearing tight clothes which wears thin skin allowing invasion of yeast
  • Use of medical devices can also cause the infection.
  • Folks with weak immune system can get yeast infection easily
  • Diabetic patients are more prone to yeast infection
  • Excess antibiotics, steroids, food with low nutritional value.

Yeast Infection Discharge – Colors

Many women get the white vaginal discharge during the yeast infection and are not sure about the difference when they have a different color of discharge; there are many other colors and symptoms of vaginal discharge. Usually the yeast infection discharge will smell like bread or beer because of the yeast and the color could vary from strong white to clear.

Yellow discharge occurs mostly due to sexually transmitted disease, smell will be fishy or rotten. Doctor’s attention is needed immediately for this kind of yeast infection discharge.

Sometimes bacterial infection in urethra causes bloody or pink discharge, this occurs due to lower abdominal pain and need to urinate often, when you hold to urinate for long germs grow in the urethra and causes infection and the discharge is bloody or pink. Physicians immediate attention is needed for this kind of Yeast Infection Discharge.

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